Are these defects on ceiling normal after sanding before painting?

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Can you please tell me if such defects are normal after sanding before painting? Tomorrow the man is supposed to start painting, and I am very confused about how the prepared surface looks. There are noticeable deep grooves (scratches), in some places the mesh is slightly exposed. Our handyman assures us that this is a completely normal result and that the paint will hide the imperfections. Is this true or do I insist on fixing the defects?

Upd. Surprisingly, the result is really not any flaws – I panicked in vain) I think the most significant defects our master did fix, but the little things, which were a lot, hid the coloring. Now there are no flaws to be seen.

  • What kind of paint will you use? For example, matte can cover something, gloss can highlight all the imperfections.



There are two approaches to painting:

— To keep it clean.

— A good paint job with leveling the ceiling and preparing it for high-quality painting.

In the second case, the acceptance of the work is done in the light, exposed along the ceiling. The surface should be almost perfect, without any strokes and roughness. What is in the photo is the plaster with the primary putty.

Then there should be more puttying, sanding, double (or more) puttying with finishing putty

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