Is it possible to avoid using additives in concrete?

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I would like to avoid concrete additives for our concrete basement. Now I've heard different statements from different construction companies, from "you don't need any additives" to "I can't influence it, the concrete plant does it" to "there are a lot of chemicals in there".

Are additives necessary or can we do without them altogether? Can a construction company order the mix from a concrete plant or should they just use what's mixed in the proposal?

  • What nasty additives do you think go in there? Usually for a basement, the maximum you'll get there is a tile additive, which is, simply put, soap.
  • there is no such thing as vegan concrete Maybe build a house out of trees and leaves?
  • Concrete is already chemistry, even without additives.




You probably want to use healthy building materials. It doesn't matter if it is an "additive" or not. The reference to "it contains chemicals" is completely undifferentiated. There are chemicals in our intestines as well.

  • We want to build in a healthy way, and frankly, I'm surprised this is causing so much ridicule here. I've read recommendations on the topic of healthy living that advise against using additives in concrete. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find out what those additives are. I have heard terms like retarder, superplasticizer. I've also been told that it's impossible to tell in advance because what goes in depends on the temperature.
  • Then you know that concrete is a mixture of gravel with at least some cement added, and that a) cement production is insanely bad for the environment (CO2 emissions you can't imagine – and b) cement is a hazardous substance – also labeled as a hazardous substance.
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