How do I fix the darkening of the travertine on my patio?

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For several years we have been laying travertine on the patio. Slowly and slowly the ugly darkening has set in. The stone is cleaned 2 times a year with neutral soap and water – but I think the dirt has settled in small pores or depressions. I know you can't use harsh products on travertine, which is limestone. But what can I do?

Or should I completely sand the stone – does any impregnation or sealer for exterior use even make sense?

  • I've never seen that before. I would hose it off with a high pressure cleaner and then seal it.
  • I wouldn't use a high pressure cleaner because it always leads to damage, regardless of the type of paving or surface.
  • Maybe this is a silly idea, but maybe try a steam cleaner?

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