Please, share your experience of using travertine on your home facade

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I ask for your advice on the options for using travertine as cladding on the facade of the house. I will be glad to see photos with variants of the executed work. It would be desirable to learn what variants of a facade are the best for facing by the big rectangular plates and their most preferable thickness.



Ventilated facade on stainless steel, in the ends of the boards saw cuts, boards slide in as on rails.

  • The stone slabs are not pushed in, but installed on top of the bracket bar and fixed by the bar of the next row. If you move them, the sealant will be squeezed out of the joint

The facade in slabs looks too formal.

With travertine I have not worked, and the maximum size of natural granite slab 1200 * 600 * 25 mm.

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