Do I need a leveling coat of exterior plastering and is it an alternative to a final coat?

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Our house is about to start exterior finishing. Our plasterer suggested applying a leveling layer over the top layer (mineral, country house style). Does anyone here have any experience? He said this coating protects against algae growth and makes the stucco really white. And then you won't need a painter's coat.

My painter is not very familiar with the leveling coat (he was honest about that) and said that it probably wouldn't last that long and that a coat of paint would be needed. Does anyone here have any experience? Do I need a leveling coat and is it an alternative to a final coat? 



To even out irregularities in the color tone of the plaster, a leveling layer is applied. And, of course, it is also a protection for the plaster. The paint coat is usually at least two coats, which in itself makes the paint more durable (abrasion/washing with mineral paints, for example). Paints are mostly similar (with the same base).

Also, don't apply a leveling coat too quickly, there is no difference in durability.


How should your plasterer's leveling coat be any different than a "regular" painter's coat?

It's just the first layer, the type of finish you can coordinate with both your plasterer and your painter (e.g. silicone resin, etc.). At least that's how it works for us and all other builders.

  • What's the difference, I wonder too... paint from a painter would be algae inhibiting paint pure white (silicate based?,...). The leveling coat is also algae inhibiting white. In my opinion, both sound relatively similar, if not identical. The only question I have is, is there a difference between a painter's facade paint and a plasterer's leveling coat? 
  • Do they both last equally long (15 years or more)? Or does the levelling coat disappear after 5 years and you have to call a painter to repaint with facade paint? If I'm not mistaken, the painter lets the finished plaster rest for a while so that the chemical processes have time to complete before he applies paint. And then perhaps paint twice? The leveling coat is applied immediately after the plaster. 

There are also plaster systems with additives that prevent algae/fungal growth. Therefore, a coating is not necessary for that reason alone.


Just in case others also run into this problem: No, this is not a substitute for painting the facade.

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