Can I plaster a facade covered with slate sheets?

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2 years ago, while insulating the house lined it with sheets of flat asbestos-cement slate, seams were puttying and painted it all. After this winter found a few places where the paint came off, the joints cracked a lot. Then chose this option only for financial reasons – money was tight, but we survived two winters already ;)

Now it seems there is the possibility and desire to somehow still decorate the facade. Siding immediately ruled out – I do not like it.

My wife offers to plaster and paint. But I heard two years ago that the plaster does not lay on the slate. And if the slate is attached to attach a grid?

Or maybe someone can advise something else relatively budget and durable?



 If the slate is holding up well, the option is to close the gaps with wooden bars, i.e. to make a facade similar to a half-timbered house.

The paint can be removed, then primed and re-paint the slate, but with quality paint materials.

This will be cheaper and more durable than plastering, including EIFS facade on EPS.


The base reinforcing layer will crack at the joints. It remains only to widen the gaps between the sheets, so that the gaps are not less than 3 mm, then glue the foam polystyrene PSB-C 25F 50mm, then press the sleeves with screws, the basic reinforcing layer, and decorative plaster.

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