How long after the screed can be laid tiles on the walls?

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Next week our house will be screeded (current screed is anhydrite). When can we start tiling the walls in the bathroom and toilet? Basically, I don't have to wait for the right residual moisture in the screed, do I? Can't I start in 4 weeks, when most of the moisture is out of the screed, and then go straight to the floor tiles, or am I making a mistake?

We have gypsum plaster in the toilet and lime-cement plaster in the bathroom.

  • Either way, you have to tile the floor first, otherwise you'll have cabbage and turnip.



You can only install tile when the residual moisture is low enough. Your tiler should be able to tell you when they can and want to lay them.

Under no circumstances should you install tiles too early. The screed loses a lot of water.

  • Yes, does residual moisture in the screed affect the lime-cement plaster on the wall? That's the crux of the question, and I haven't found any information on that yet. 

Nonsense – wall tile can't be laid until a week later.

Floor tiles, of course, only after the drying phase or when there is sufficient residual moisture.


I'd be careful, if the screed isn't completely level, it needs to be leveled, and then fiddling with the wall looks silly.

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