How to seal up micro cracks in the flooring?

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I poured the floor a month ago, about 1.5 cm. Everything was done according to the technique, primed, there is a damping tape. Floor dried for more than 30 days, the load was not given, 35 days later noticed very small cracks in the corners and in the middle of the room across the width of the room.

Can you tell me if this is normal? Is it worth sealing it? I was thinking of applying a normal sealant since the cracks are only about 1 mm thick.




It is possible that shrinkage cracks have appeared due to the effects of drying out the floor. There is probably nothing critical here. The main thing is the strength and firm connection to the substrate. If you are satisfied with the durability of the surface and if there are no areas with beads (delamination from the substrate), you can leave it like that, and everything will be covered with a decorative coating on top. Sealing cracks makes sense if they have opened more than 2 mm and you plan to use a thin-layer linoleum without a carpet pad.

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