Two-piece hatch to make yourself?

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I need a hatch that closes and opens on the second floor, for the winter, so that the heat does not go upstairs. Of two parts, what is the best way to do it?



I was making myself a hatch to the attic. I also wanted a ladder, but a friend dissuaded me, confirming the words that it is not convenient to walk on it.

I did several ways, but so far the last was the most convenient. I assembled a frame, in which Epps are inserted for insulation. The whole thing weighs on two hinges. On one side is inserted a lock from the window under the square. A rod of 10 mm and welded in the form of a handle, the side that is inserted into the lock is hemmed to 8 mm. Inside the attic to the lid are attached 2 strong door springs, which, after opening the lock, lift the door to 20 cm, so I can slip a ladder and climb, then throw the lid to the side.


Green hinges, blue joint parts of the hatch.

Make a full circle of the opening box flat, glued to the structures. hatches superimposed on top of a plate such as plywood. at the junction of the hatches on one of the embedding bar in the upper plane of the box. Bookmarks will determine what part of the hatch opens first, what the second. It makes more sense to open the first one, where the distance to the stairs is greater. Door sealing, probably on top of the hatches EPS, if desired with trim (for example, in the contour of the slat and covered with another sheet of plywood.

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