How do I make an inconspicuous hatch in the ceiling to the second floor?

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In the nursery we want to make a hatch to the play attic. But – inconspicuous, so that it is not immediately conspicuous. So the ladder hatch is out of the question.

The thickness of the floor between the floors of the second floor – 150 mm. The ceiling is insulated, I would also like to make a hatch warm. A kind of megasandwich. The width between the rafters 800 mm.

We can not decide – how to make this hatch? On top it must be strong, so you can step – plywood 10-12 mm or OSB. The thickness of the structure, I assume 150 mm. BUT: if the hatch will just swing out to the side, the lower part of it will cling to his own box. Make a gap, shaped like an inverted V? Then, goodbye, invisibility.



As an option here is this. Aluminum hatch with three-link hinge, sliding. It is in fact analogous to the sliding one.

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