What wood to choose for hardwood flooring on heated floors?

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We are currently planning flooring in the bedrooms/kids rooms (with underfloor heating) and have been thinking about parquet. Oak is expensive because it's probably in vogue right now. And we don't even really like oak. Beech and maple are not considered suitable for floor heating. We also don't like dark tropical woods, and they're certainly expensive. So the focus has been on ash.

Now I'm reading various reviews about using ash hardwood flooring over underfloor heating. One report says ash is suitable for underfloor heating, another says the opposite. Which of these is true? What other parquet can be used besides oak, walnut and tropical species?

  • Basically, you can have any kind of wood. Glue it on and that's it. Get a double ply parquet, it's cheaper and will work great if you glue it down.
  • I have maple in my house myself. Big color changes in a relatively short time. I didn't like it at all.
  • If the manufacturer has approved the parquet for an underfloor heating system, that's fine.

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