How to ensure a strong connection between the layers in the alignment of walls?

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Started to repair the house I bought.

Bearing walls – red solid brick (the house is two-storey), partitions – sand-lime brick. All walls are plastered. I would like to clarify the technology of leveling, or rather preparation:

1) Scrape the surface from the old flaking putty to plaster, which has a strong bond with the base.

2) Vacuum the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

3) Prime with a primer of deep penetration. What kind of primer should I choose? On what base?

4) Install the minimum plaster beacons.

5) Plaster, cut, maybe glaze or putty with a finish putty.

The questions are specifically about ensuring a solid bond between coats.



You are right on all your points. You can use an ordinary primer.

As for bonding between coats, it is true that new layers of plaster may not adhere to the remnants of the previous layer. It's hard to make guarantees here.

I can only advise you to use a system of one manufacturer.

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