Can I glue fiber cement boards to the facade?

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We have a ventilated facade on our house. The finish is fiber-cement board Eternit. We are very satisfied with it. We are now approaching the finishing of the basement, which is 1.7 meters high.

We used fiber cement panels that mimic stone.

There are no questions about the basement around the house, it has the same ventilated facade as the walls.

But there are questions about the porch and stairs...

The porch plinth is brick and plastered. The floor and steps are porcelain stoneware and glazing is done. So we don't want to change anything.

If you do a vented facade on the porch plinth, you get a gap between the vented and porcelain stoneware (did not have enough allowance).

How to nicely close this gap we have no idea, but there was an idea to glue in this place fibrocement.

Questions: Is it possible to attach fiber cement boards with glue (or cement)? Does anyone have any similar experience? If YES, what kind of glue to use? Does it hold up?




Fiber cement boards should not be glued.

The back side will pick up moisture from the wall and deteriorate over time. That's what a vented gap is for, to dry condensation from the wall.

In the picture you have a gap of about 2-3 cm. Make a frame out of wood and put Cedral there so that its top goes under the window sill of the glazing. Only the ventilation gap will not be 4 cm, but 2. For such an area it is quite acceptable. Or make a normal plane, and redo the upper sill. It's pretty simple).

Under the porch, on the other hand, you were a little hasty with the last tile.

Your best bet is to tile where there are steps with glue, or something else. And the porch, where the glazing – do fiber cement.

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