How to clean bitumen stains from facing brick?

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In early summer there was a fire, burning roof.

I had to replace it completely, but there was one unresolved problem – when burning roof on the facing brick dripped combustion products from the roof (coating – soft roof, as I understand it – it was bitumen from it or it is roofing felt, which is maueralt).

Tried to clean the means after a fire from a construction store and solvent – the effect is about the same, leaves a dark stain, where the bitumen.

I was told to try and take the bitumen cleaner for cars, I'll try this coming weekend, but I'm not sure of the positive result.

Any advice on what to clean brickwork with, does anyone have such a bad experience?

  • I have found these options - Docker GYM industrial bitumen cleaner; - TELAKKA BITUMEN;
  • Took Industrial Bitumen Cleaner Docker GYM 1 liter, tried it at the weekend – the effect is the same as an inexpensive solvent, dark marks still remain, but the drops of bitumen are really easy to remove from the effects of the product.



The dark spots are because the bitumen has soaked into the brick. Try scraping off the bitumen droplets, but I'm afraid there will be scuff marks on the brick.


If chemicals do not help in solving the problem, try a scrubber, nozzle cutter, maybe if not very deep it will wash away the pressure. Or use a soft blast and sand the surface.

  • Tried soft blasting on a few bricks, bought a sandblaster gun, took an 8 atm compressor from an acquaintance without adjustment with a small receiver (50l), traces of bitumen disappear along with the layer of brick. The surface becomes very rough.
  • Roughness can be removed by grinding with a special sandpaper, and then apply hydrophobizer with a wet brick effect. 

Primer and paint along with the seams. Painting will make the house much more interesting.

  • This option is too extreme for me.
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