Why does it smell like sewage from the shower?

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There was an obtrusive smell of sewage in the shower room. The unpleasant smell is constant, not just while showering. Air fresheners just don't solve the problem.

What could be the problem?



Improperly installed shower enclosure, the siphon is too close to the floor, the water from the shower does not go out well, stagnates.

To solve this problem the cabin must be raised higher, or change the siphon on a flat.

Or the siphon must be cleaned, I have a siphon with a revision, it is enough to unscrew the plug to clean it, in other cases, the siphon must be dismantled.

Perhaps not a properly assembled sewer, without the necessary slopes.

Sewage in apartments (houses) in common for several premises (bath, kitchen, toilet), if you do not observe slopes, the pipes can clog for example grease or food waste from the kitchen.

Apparently you have a clog in the area after the shower (stall).

Pipes can be cleaned with a sanitary wire, or chemical method (it is less effective, but if the clog is not critical, you can use it).

Perhaps the slope observed, but pipes are not fixed firmly with clamps (to the wall or the floor), the pipe sagged, hence the problem with clogs and as a consequence of smells.

May have long been out of the shower (went away for a long time), the water in the trap dried up, no trap, hence the smell of sewage from the cabin drain.

Odor trap is a barrier to the entry of unpleasant odors of sewage into the room.

Or that the odor trap is torn off (pressure drops, improperly assembled sewer, clogs).

The causes may be other, for example there is no complete sealing of the drainage system, find the problem area, replace the o-rings on PVC pipes, or gaskets on the trap.

Perhaps when installing a sewer in addition to the straight sections there are sections with turns, used 90-degree angles (instead of 45) in large numbers.

Pipes are clogged in these areas, the smell due to clogging and even partial (water goes, but slowly).


There are several reasons why there may be a sewer odor in the shower stall.

1 reason

The simplest is a clogged siphon or its equivalent. It has accumulated a large enough amount of dirt that has begun to decompose, and even changing the water after draining into the cab sewer decomposing products you through the drainage hole enter the room. You can try to clean the siphon with a plunger or disassemble it and clean it on the spot. So first check the condition of the water in the odor trap:

2 reason

But this is the reason I experienced on my own experience: Behind the siphon a gap formed at the entrance to the sewer pipe. With this gap, water did not leak, as the pipe turned out so that the gap was on top, but the smell was strong.

Fixed this problem very quickly, just pressing the pipe from the top of the hose with a siphon went a little deeper into the sewer pipe and the smell disappeared.

3 problem

I had another problem in my experience, for a long time I could not figure out the cause of the smell of sewage from the drain. Several times I cleaned everything checked everything, but the smell remained. The problem was not in the drain, which is in the shower room and in the riser. It was a completely closed sewer pipe vent, and it turned out that when someone emptied the water creates pressure inside the system and the air in the drainage pipe through a water plug in the shower drain.

After the sewer system was completely rebuilt and the sewer was also cleaned up to the manhole, the smell disappeared.

Reason 4

It is also worth telling about one more reason why the smell can appear in the shower, although I personally have not had to deal with such a situation in my experience, but I read that the problem exists. It lies in the fact that after the drain and water plug, the part of the sewer pipe that runs horizontally to the vertical drain, may have the wrong angle of slope or be clogged at the outlet. This part of the pipe collects water and other debris that decompose and give off a sewer odor. The water plug, which should prevent the odor, does not cope with its function as the water itself begins to take on all of this smell and give it through the drainage hole.

5 reason

There is another cause of sewer odor in the shower room, it is not related to the drain or sewer pipe. The fact is that if there are cracks in the joints of the walls or other places where dirty water in the form of splashes gets during washing, it can accumulate there, for example under the shower tray, and if there is poor ventilation in the room, the accumulation of water provides good conditions for the vital activity of bacteria that can give off a strong smell of sewage during decomposition.

In this case it is necessary to dry all places where water has accumulated, treat them with antibacterial agents and caulk all cracks to prevent moisture accumulation, as well as to restore ventilation.

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