How can the granite stairs be made darker/more monochrome?

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The exterior staircase of our house is just under 25 years old. It's such a light colored granite. In terms of stone quality, the staircase is certainly still fine. In my opinion, it's too bright, too uneven, something darker and more monochromatic would suit the house and front door better. Perhaps this question/idea is completely pointless, but is there any way to redo the existing staircase by making it darker/more monochrome? Is it possible to put some kind of coating on it?

And if anyone has any advice on what kind of plaster or scraper to use to make this staircase really clean for once, to make all that green plaque, bleaching disappear.




Cleaning with granite stone cleaner.

The only durable solution I see is to remove the old stone and apply a new one. Painting/lacquering will not be durable.

A new coat of coating just applied on top could cause height issues and not save much effort.


Replacing granite with dark tile/stone is a mistake, in my opinion. Because then you will just be scrubbing, as dark stone shows all the lint, not to mention shoe prints.

Also, granite is a hard, real stone, not an artificial, brittle stone that you'll have to repair in 2 years because it's broken.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste. But I would thoroughly research alternatives before judging the "old" one. You have to pay for comparable quality. A thorough cleaning should improve the look considerably.

  • I wouldn't just replace such an expensive granite staircase.
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