What is your window height with high ceilings?

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I don't know, but maybe there is such a standard?

If you want to install roller shutters/blinds, add another ~20-25 cm and another ~20 cm for the lintel. That means the lintel would have to be 2.3m high. Then I would plan for 1.4m high windows with a 90cm parapet. Without the louvers, I would even plan for 1.6m.



With 2.72m ceilings we have 1.51m windows with 92cm parapet height , with 2.42m floor to ceiling height windows.

And no blinds on the window sills, but with Venetian blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Do you have a picture of the windows? So you have just under 30 cm left for shutters and lintel or is the lintel in the ceiling? How wide are your windows 1.51m high?
  • One 1.61m double and one 60cm single leaf. And one 1m single leaf where we forgot to do a vertical impost. 

With a ceiling height of 2.70 m, I would recommend a window height of 1.385 m, and for floor-to-ceiling window elements of 2.26 m. At this height, there is enough room to install top-mounted roller shutters, and they are pleasing to the eye as they match the height of the room.

If you want to install roller blinds, you need approximately 30 cm.

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