How to store decorative beams in winter, so it does not warp?

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I bought decorative beams for the facade cladding outside. As a result of coincidence there are two different sizes – 130 and 160 mm in width. I want to put off 130 until spring to let it on the inside of the rooms. Only there are fears that it will not "live" until spring – will darken, it will be held up or something else will happen.

The question is – how to keep the imitation wood until spring? What kind of storage conditions does she need to keep a marketable form? Strongly do not want to paint the walls, I want to keep the living tree.

Now boards are collected in packs of 6 pieces and simply wrapped with scotch tape in three places, in this form came from the manufacturer, no shrink wrap film is there.



Usually stored in production wrapped in stretch film, under a canopy, in the dry and in the shade

Nevertheless, the geometry is rarely 100% retained and the joint will probably be worse.

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