How to attach imitation beams to the old wooden cladding?

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We need to decorate the facade of the first floor with imitation beams. Please advise how to mount an imitation beam width 185 thickness 16 mm, so it does not dangle? Imitation bar will be mounted on old boards, which sheathed the house.



Still think about the frame. Do not mount on old boards. To imitation will not dangle later, fix it with screws. Close the joints in straight sections with vertical bars or saw the joints at an angle other than 90 degrees, so that one batten presses against the other.


The dimensions you selected for the exterior trim are categorically incorrect.

For facades, the ratio of board thickness to width should be 1:6

That is, with a width of 185mm, the board thickness should be ~30mm.


 I would not stitch the facades with imitation beams of this width – it will be difficult to ensure such a groove-and-neck fit, so that when drying is not divergent, exposing through gaps, and when wetting is not extruded ...


Let me tell you about my experience. Began cladding last year, 21 mm, imitation wood, all good, but over the winter, some imitation dried out, as a result of grooves in some places so dried out that the bottom board ripped out the tongue, but not critical

The scheme for himself did so.

1. Paint the board before cladding.

2. Due to the fact that the board is not thick enough board made frame every 30 cm, the lath 20-40, with burlap nails

3. Fasten the finishing nails two in each post, and be sure to the joints (joints 45 degrees)

4. All the cuts and notches necessarily blot with sealant for the ends, the board will not absorb moisture and will be less mobile – but still will dry out.

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