Can fiberglass wallpaper be used on the front of the house?

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So, we have regular fiberglass wallpaper. We want to use the recommended adhesive for them to fix them on the outer facade of the building (osb, plywood, plaster), then paint with facade paint.

Someone paints the outer wall of the osb, but they say that still see the structure of the osb, someone glues expensive facade wallpaper, someone else something like this. What are your opinions?



Unfortunately, these will fall apart very quickly. They are not designed for that, they will rot in an alkaline environment in a couple of days.


How they will behave in frost (and in direct sunlight) is a big question.

"Glass" is just the name, in fact – some kind of polymer compound, ropes made of such material crumble in 2-3 years.


Wouldn't plaster be cheaper? I see even plastic facades warping from the sun after 8-10 years. I think fiberglass wallpaper is even more vulnerable.

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