We added a hydrophobizer to the tile adhesive instead of a latex additive. How critical is this?

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Help me understand the consequences of a mistake:

When finishing a plastered facade with clinker tiles, the tiler mixed up the canisters and as an additive to the Litokol tile adhesive (blue, for exterior and interior work) was using Litolast (water-repellent impregnation (hydrophobisator) for joints between tiles and mineral substrates) instead of the special additive Latex Col-M (latex additive for cement-based adhesive mixtures.

Approximately 30 – 50 m2 he laid like this. What are the possible consequences during use?



I think there is nothing wrong. Litokol has good adhesives. In principle, gyrophobizers are added to mortars and concretes.


 I'm sure that nothing terrible will happen, in the sense that there will be no separation from the base.

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