What is the optimal thickness of porcelain stoneware for a ventilated facade?

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To clad a house with a ventilated facade you need to choose porcelain stoneware. What thickness of porcelain stoneware slabs is suitable for this purpose. What kind of porcelain stoneware is necessary to buy for facing the facade of the house on a ventilated facade?



Porcelain stoneware is the most popular cladding material for ventilated facades. They are durable, frostproof, not afraid of neither UV light nor moisture, they have low water absorption. Stoneware is produced with a large palette of colors and different textures and only you have to choose which surface is suitable for cladding the facade of the house: unpolished (matte); with a rough touch; with polished or semi-polished surface; glazed with a soft wax sheen; glazed porcelain stoneware. In terms of strength and quality are practically the same.

For ventilated facades are in great demand porcelain granite tiles 300×600mm, 600×600mm, 600×900mm. These dimensions of plates fit a standard size of windows, which simplifies the process of installation and you can save, ie, because of the scraps of material to avoid overspending.

And the optimal thickness of the boards for ventilated facades is 8 to 12 mm.


The thickness of the slabs should correspond to 10 mm – this ensures the reliability and durability of porcelain stoneware, improving its performance characteristics. You can choose the most common types for yourself:

Matte, which does not go through the process of grinding or polishing, so their cost is quite low. They are quite durable, hard and absorb minimal amounts of water.

Polished boards, which undergo a machining process. Unpolished slabs that undergo an incomplete polishing process. Polished porcelain stoneware slabs that have a fairly high specularity. Rustic porcelain stoneware tiles, which are made using artificial aging technology. They are all quite durable and enduring, but vary in price. In any case, it is up to you to choose.

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