What to finish the facade of a house insulated inside with EPS?

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I bought a house insulated from the inside with EPS. How to do the facade now?

The problem is this – I bought a house made of AAC, but all the walls on the inside are insulated with blue extruded foam polystyrene 5 cm thick. On top of it all is finished with plasterboard.I do not want to break everything, especially when you consider that the house has stood for 2 years without heating, and all plasterboard is perfect. Accordingly, the insulation is done well, the vapor permeability of the inside is zero. Now there was a problem making the external facade and it is not clear how to do it. Based on the fact that vapor permeability inside the house is zero, outside EPS can not be used. Otherwise the dew point is formed in the middle of nowhere.Question what type of facade to use with the fact that the additional insulation should be done.

P. s. The fact that this system of insulation has to use forced ventilation, I also understand.



It is a good idea to remove the insulation boards on the inside, then there is more freedom on the way of finishing the facade.


If indeed from the inside of the EPS is mounted well, then the dew point is either absent or most likely located between the block and the EPS, the vapors are all in the house.

If you have enough block thickness, you may not need insulation, just proper ventilation. It would not be economically feasible to take apart the drywall envelope and then remove the EPS.


Ventilated facade. Insulation – basalt wool.


You already have a vapor barrier and insulation on the inside. Vapor barrier is good, and the insulation on the inside is not so good. Do not destroy the vapor permeability of the wall from the outside. If you insulate, then wool and ventilated facade.There is a chance that the wall will be dry.

Make a sandwich panel with foam block inside – EPS inside and outside the foam block, the wall will accumulate moisture sooner or later. Good luck.

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