Why does the siding warp despite proper installation?

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House of brick, metal roofing, finishing I do siding Döske. Bought perforated soffits, J-profile and J-frame. Looked how to properly mount everything. Fastened the screws with a wide cap in the center of the hole, left a gap of 1 mm between the cap and the siding, trimmed the profile and beveled the joints, checked – goes freely all and not dangling. But as soon as the sun came out and warmed up, the J-chamfer went in waves on the wide flat part that covers the front board. Sun goes down – seems to even out. Why is this happening and what to do?



Mounted it several times – result is the same – small wave on the surface of the sun. Even unassembled, lying on a flat board it went along the sun. Chamfered it into 1 meter pieces, mounted it. No deformation. Maybe someone will help.

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