What is the best condition for preserving an EIFS facade?

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EIFS facade – foam 15cm, and rough plaster with mesh.

When it rains heavily with wind and plaster gets wet from rain in some places. I plan to resume the facade work in six months.

Is there a need to primer, paint or do something else with the rough plaster now, and how critical is it for it to get wet from precipitation? Or can we leave it as it is and not bother?



 I have the same situation: I left the facade in a reinforcing layer, without primer. Arguments: In any case, in the spring you will either have to reprime, or clean the facade of dust before applying decorative plaster.


Priming should be done in winter and before subsequent finishing with quartz primer. The purpose of the primer in the system is to waterproof against external precipitation. It also protects the subsequent layers from condensation moisture.

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