What's the best way to protect basement windows from burglary?

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I have a total of 3 wide but not tall basement windows without shutters. Through them, a would-be burglar, if slim, could break into my patio house by breaking through the glass.

I have insulation on the outside of the house, which also means that the windows are "offset" about 20 cm inward. I don't want to just bolt the bars to the wall of the house from the outside, it's too much like a prison. My plan is to cut a regular stainless steel handrail (maybe 8 cm in diameter) and place it in the center in front of the window, horizontally or two vertically.

Is this a good idea? What is the best way to attach it? Should I use a hammer and chisel to cut into the insulation and plaster/stone, put the rod "in" and then caulk everything with plaster so the rod can't be pulled out? Unless, of course, the slender burglar has a long chain and a four-wheel drive SUV, in which case that doesn't help either.

I hope you can figure out what my problem is and would really appreciate your advice!

  • Why not do it from the inside? Then you wouldn't have to destroy the insulation/facade at points.
  •  Because a new problem arises, you can no longer open the window. Unless you build the protection so that it can be opened or removed.
  • I planned my home security in cooperation with the Police Advisory Service. There was a very knowledgeable person at work who also accommodated my wishes as much as possible. Another benefit: the whole thing doesn't cost anything. Try applying as well. 



...This all sounds very amateurish! Any grating/protection has to be secured in the underlayment. Either through dowel mounts or glued in threaded rods. Before the burglar laughs himself to death, contact your local metalworker.

  • In this way, the goal will be accomplished. No burglary – the burglar laughed himself to death. But frankly, I'd rather have something done or advised.
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