How do you make rosettes on the siding outside to make it look pretty?

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I need to install outlets and switches on a patio clad in siding. Ship beam siding without purlins – directly on the OSB, ie, suitable option with electrical outlets for open installation, so as not to go deep into the main wall (wiring from the inside of the house, ie, the back). Thought to just cut a hole in the siding in the form of outlets, thus the outlet would be recessed to a distance height profile siding – but the outlets IPx4-6 on sale mostly with large and very protruding iron (with flat practically never occur). How to mount?

The siding is already mounted.



 I did this way, sawed a hole +1mm per side for expansion. The socket IP protruding, in my finicky opinion it turned out very well.

The socket is the near corner, gray square on a beige background.

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