Can a lift-sliding door be as airtight as a regular door?

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We have one, and soon we will be getting a second exterior lift-sliding door.

I like them because the sliding doors are out of the way – easy to use, but every now and then I think about the fact that a brushed system can't insulate well.

Although I have read that they are very tight now. I'd be interested in comparing the insulating effect of the lift-and-slide and "regular" doors.

Does anyone know where to find the information?



We have a rubber seal. It is airtight, at least according to the airtightness test for passive houses. After 3 years, no drafts.


I looked closely at the procedure for the door and am pleasantly surprised at the sensible idea:

When the door is raised, it lifts off the top of the rail with a tapered section (it can be moved) and when lowered, that gap closes again. At least the air exchange is reliably prevented this way.

I think it works, the system (the brush seal is not an actual seal, but probably helps in particular against dust and insects)

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