How much larger can the opening be in relation to the size of the door?

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We are currently building a house with an architect and the screed is done. The carpenter was there now and measured our doors. According to the plant plan, the size of the opening for the interior doors should be 2.15 m so that the standard 2.13m doors would fit. The carpenter's measurements were 2.18 to 2.21 meters. Is this a tolerance or a mistake? If so, who is responsible? The builder or the architect, since the invoices have already been approved and paid.



Our building surveyor told me the other day that you can expect tolerances up to 12% in the envelope. Depending on the flooring, you'll get somewhere around 2.17m, and even less with the leveling compound. The door builder should be able to compensate for this.


After the screed, the flooring is laid, then the difference is reduced again. I don't see any dramatic "air" there, more just a comfortable tolerance.


The height will be the norm. The frame will fit comfortably and cover everything.

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