How to reinforce the doors of the garden house, so they do not slam from the strong wind?

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I'm looking for something to keep the summer house doors from "swinging open" when the wind blows.

I bought a peat spring, but it is too stiff.

Do you have any ideas on what I can use? I don't want to put anything on the outside because of the appearance.



Are these regular door hinges? They are also available with a "brake function". Then they get a little tapered at the bottom and don't move as easily on their own.


Worrying question. Anything to do with locking is probably off the table for safety reasons? Or at least there should be an "emergency unlocking" option from the inside.

There are door restraints on the market in a variety of designs.


 Maybe you should install storm hooks for shutters? Without a mechanical connection, there is no "safety"...

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