Can granite tiles be laid directly on a concrete floor without levelling compound?

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I would like to equip my conditioned basement (about 20 m²) with granite tiles (30.5 x 30.5 x 1).

The floor slab = concrete floor is relatively level. Max. unevenness 5 mm.

Can I glue the tiles directly onto the concrete with an elastic adhesive? Or do I have to necessarily work with a leveling compound. I'm intimidated by the cost of levelling compounds if it's not absolutely necessary.

What do the experts say?

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    What about rising moisture through the slab (capillary action)?
  • @NatalieSMueller I put bubble wrap all over the area under the floor slab. The floor slab is 30 cm thick concrete. There should be minimal or no elevation.
  • But let's be honest: you want to lay super expensive tiles, but you don't want to use a leveling compound. Why?
  • @JochemBusscher I received the tile as a gift. I will only refrain from applying the leveling compound if everything is technically fine. 



It's fine. It was a similar situation with our stairs. Flexible adhesives can be applied up to 30mm depending on the type. That should be enough.

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