How to deal with the stains on a cement-based leveling floor?

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My floor layer has been puttyed 2 times with a cement base filler floor. Now it has very unsightly stains on it. The floor has not been caulked or sanded yet. Can these stains be removed by sanding or is it better to apply a coat of primer and putty again? 




I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Remove the small burrs, vacuum it up, glue it on. So there are cement smears in it, so what? It's always been that way. It has a coating on it. Or is it not cured? 

  • I don't see anything special there either.

These are typical drying spots that you can't prevent. but they are only surface spots. once the floor is sanded, they will disappear. re-pouring won't do any good, because you will have the same thing again ...

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