Is it possible to remove and re-glue the floating parquet again?

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We have a 2200x180x12 cm floating floor on a layer of impact sound insulation. We had a problem that the screed was a little higher in one room, so we added some impact soundproofing to get the same height. My concern is that the floor squeaks, especially in the hallway where you are always walking. Especially at the transitions from one panel to the next. Perhaps the floor underneath isn't level enough, I thought it could be compensated for a bit with impact soundproofing.

Now I'm wondering if it's wise and even possible to remove the parquet again and glue it down afterwards. Do I need to pre-apply a leveling compound to the screed to get a really perfectly flat, flat floor? Or is it enough to glue it in place, since the planks are firmly glued in place. In the area where we previously had the floor beveled a bit with step insulation, I would probably have my tiler friend bevel the entire floor a bit.

What else do you need to consider? The question is, does it make sense and is it worth the effort, or will I make it worse later ;)

  • Take it out, line it up, glue it down. In fact, you've already got it right.



The squeaking could be due to the backing being too soft. Can you tell me what substrate was placed underneath it?

Another possibility is that the base of the floor is too uneven, and therefore the boards stretch too much when you walk on them.

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