What to finish the porch with?

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Please advise on finishing the porch-herker. It is made of red bricks. I expect to plaster it (along with the plinth) with a cement-sand mixture with the prior installation of reinforcing mesh. Afterwards, paint with facade paint. Is it reliable plaster on the red brick or is it better to choose some other method of decoration? I'm afraid that it will crack, especially on the plinth in a couple of years. 




There is a chance of "cracking" in this form. You definitely shouldn't do the plinth that way. The fundamental difference between the facade and the plinth is the effect of water. According to this, almost all materials except the primer are different.

The scheme of finishing:

Substrate preparation – usually primer = substrate must be firm, level, dry with no biological damage.

Leveling layer if necessary.

Base layer (glue + mesh) – desirable, but sometimes not necessary (depends on the specific task) – this is the base for the finish layer.

The final layer – protection + decor

On the plinth will probably need waterproofing.Between layers – may need a primer, depending on the materials used.

You mentioned only the visual component of the finish coat. In your case. The columns can finish any material (even a stone, at least under the marble) plaster finish one of the options. Basement finishes only (!) with materials that are not afraid of contact with water!


 It is necessary to make a waterproofing from the screed, to apply the correct primer and plaster basement. The stucco can be covered with stone.

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