How to deal with small cracks in the facade that appeared after the wind load?

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In the basement of the house after a long thunderstorm (wind 50-80 km/h with heavy rain) there are thin long cracks (a lot). Visible only when the wall dries out after the rain.

Facade: the wall, brick with cement coating, it has 10 cm of foam 035, glue Ceresit 2 in 1, a quality mesh, 4 dowels per m2. Without primer, on top of a thin layer of plaster Ceresit CT 137. Is it because of the lack of primer? And what to expect now? Would it help to do another 2-3mm reinforcing layer and just paint?



Most likely you made an uneven base reinforcing layer and applied an additional layer of adhesive on top without additional mesh to even out the planes. Naturally, the extra layer of glue cracked. Paint is not helpful here. You need to repeat the base reinforcing layer here!


Sand the plaster ST 137, it is weak, sand it with sandpaper glued on plywood mesh. Then prime with Ceresit ST 17 penetrating primer with 1x4 water and roll with a roller. Then apply a base coat. Make sure that the screed is laid correctly the first time!


Paint with FEIDAL Silikon Fassadenfarbe and all your problems will be solved!


Cracks appeared not only because of the primer, but also because you have a thin layer of decorative plaster.

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