Share your examples of using decorative tile – 3d tiles

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We would like the wall in our bathroom, the one where the vanity hangs, to be tiled differently than our regular tile. And we would like it to be ceiling high. (All the other walls should have as little tile on them as possible).

So why don't you show us your textured, patterned or 3d tiles :)



Wall and floor Piastrella Bone Rec Tile. Focus Wall Sicis Hickory. Non tiled area clay plaster


I enjoy it every day.


We have it like this. Also a combination of white and gray. But the white textured tiles show dust very well. Especially in a bathroom where it is relatively humid, dust settles heavily in the texture. 


We like pretty simple colors, nothing unusual or extreme.

My husband didn't want any tiles with patterns, like flowers or ornaments or something. That's why we have a combination of those two types of tiles.


We have the same floor and wall tiles in our apartment, and we love it.

I originally wanted to accent with vintage tile, but then I was afraid I would get bored with it quickly. Textured tiles are ruled out for me for the same reason + maintenance.

A friend has beige grooved tile that looks a bit like wood. It looks great, but since it's in their shower, they get limescale and dust sticking to them.


The 60x60 tiles will be used for the shower and one wall. Rustic "wood" tiles to match.


I tend to minimize the wall tiles, and we had glass mosaic tiles (also flush) between the flush mirror and the washbasin. The picture shows a bathroom where the (furniture) sink was in a kind of niche:

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