Which is better – acrylic or vinyl siding?

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I've read that acrylic is kind of stronger. And I'm attracted to the brighter shades than vinyl.



All coextruded siding has an acrylic top coat. The difference is that the technology is more expensive and modern, but they save money on materials, while in Canada a simple cheap mono-extrusion method makes excellent siding from very good materials. Canadian quality is excellent, everyone knows that. And you have to choose according to performance characteristics, the characteristics of the region and the price, respectively.


Well, even if stronger, not by much, but the key difference is colorfastness, which allows for bright, saturated collections. 


On the contrary, other things being equal, it is less durable than regular. But really, this difference is not so great as to make a serious difference, and is leveled out by a slight increase in thickness. Or just forget about it.

The key difference is really the color fastness and the ability to produce brightly colored siding


If the color is dark and have money for acrylic – then definitely acrylic. With it there will be less headaches when it comes to color fastness, plus it behaves more quietly when heated.

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