Can I paint the tiles on the exterior of my house?

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We have unattractive tiles on the lower side of our cottage facade. Does anyone have any experience if they can be painted? What colors are available?

  • I definitely wouldn't recommend matching the color with the stucco above. Put on a nice accent, gritty or not, whatever.
  • Just ask the hardware store if they have exterior tile paint.



I've done this indoors before. Plastered, primed on top and then varnished twice. Worked flawlessly even with my skills and wasn't very susceptible to mechanical abuse. However, I don't know how weather resistant this material is. 


I don't think these bathroom and kitchen tile paints are appropriate for exterior work. But look out for baseboard or concrete paint. With the right primer beforehand, I'm sure you can get something done. You could do a test paint job on a corner.

Another idea is to use a batten. But that would be expensive.

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